What is MyBitcoinPorn? A Bitcoin Adult Directory.

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We’re a Bitcoin adult directory service aiming to do more than just list adult websites that accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Adult Directory

We’re looking to mobilize a community to force a change in a stagnant industry. We can protect our privacy online with Bitcoin, but only if sites will accept it. To get sites to accept Bitcoin, we need to prove there is a community willing to spend.

If you want to join us, visit our forums. Or browse our listed sites.

Our Action Plan

Step one is the creation of this site. Now we are going to publicize it and let people know they can use our directory. Once we have a community of users built up, we will begin approaching adult websites and demanding they accept Bitcoin.

One big hope is to convince adult vendors to also include information about Bitcoin on the checkout page. If normal users can read that Bitcoin is more private than credit cards, they’ll want to use it.

Bitcoin Adult Directory

For now, we will focus on the quality and quantity of our listings.

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